Discover and Realize Opportunities in Africa

Ayenit Alolom Africa means ‘to discover and realize opportunity in Africa for Africa’.   Ayenit and Alolom are both Turkana words; Ayenit means to discover and Alolom means the opportunity.


To be a trusted organisation in providing Higher education consultancy services


To transform Higher Education institutions by providing valuable authentic services and impactful career advisory

Core Values

  • Authenticity
  • Alliance
  • Agility
  • Integrity
  • Simple

Our Forte

Youth Empowerment
  • Support young people by providing reliable information on Higher Education Institutions and graduate opportunities to allow them to make the appropriate decision with regard to their career trajectory.

  • To be the reliable organization in providing information on strengths of Universities, funding and trends in Higher Education.

  • Provide relevant information about African universities to act as a guide to choosing the appropriate Higher Education institution.

Internationalisation of Higher Education
  • Enhance the African Higher Education Institutions profiles to interest talented scholars, valuable partnerships and Funding consequently enhancing global rankings.

  • Promote Pan-African internationalisation of Higher Education.

At Ayenit Alolom Africa, our ambition is to strengthen the African Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) so that they can take their place on the global platform. Our forte in engineering fruitful partnerships that contribute to a successful and impactful university ecosystem.

Improved outcomes and learning requirements for impactful jobs and fulfilling careers are becoming far more complex, and African students are seeking HEIs that will prepare them for meaningful careers and impactful roles in the society. There exists a serious skills gap, as graduates are lacking the required proficiency and skills needed for the current job market and young people fund themselves at a crossroad; wondering which career to pursue and in which university.

We are here to work with HE institutions to ensure young people to gain the skills and the experience that improve their employment prospects. Simultaneously, higher education leaders are facing tough strategic decisions about the future of their institutions. Many administrators agree that they lack the insights to support decision-making in an increasingly complex and competitive landscape.